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My name is Jenna.

I'm an independent visual journalist, proud Midwesterner, craft enthusiast and admitted thrift store addict.

I started this project as a fun way to keep my bored, jobless self busy as I trudged through two years of the economic downturn, patiently waiting for a job to come along. (Which, luckily, has now happened! ) I told a few friends about the site I threw together on iWeb and occasionally posted a photo or two. I would go to thrift stores while visiting friends out-of-state to cross a few more states off the list, figuring I'd eventually finish it over a period of years.

I never dreamt it would get any bigger than that. 

But in April, 2011, thanks to 193 generous backers, my pledge drive raised over $7000 to help complete the project in one long, awesome road trip to document what Americans throw out, take fun photos from thrift stores around the country and preach the second-hand lifestyle along the way.  I visited another 30 states on the list in 52 days, driving an RV ove 10,000 miles and photographing thrift stores around the country. In April 2013, I completed the lower 48 states! 

In addition to working on finishing this project (hello, Hawaii and Alaska!), I work in external relations for Goodwill of Northern New England in Portland, Maine, where I live with a fun little boy, a giant dog and a very patient husband.