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The Dream RV

This is the RV I've been eyeing--- ain't she a beauty? 

It's a compact RV that I'm hoping will be my home for 4-6 weeks. I've been emaling Cruise America to see if they might be willing to donate or at least discount the rental rate for this 3 person roadtrip machine, but after several emails I still haven't heard back yet. Depending on the number of days and miles I put on it, it could be between $3-$5K to rent.

Yeah, yeah, I know-- it's not a used one like I'd envisioned (insurance, license and reigstration are just too cost prohibitive.....) but still along the same thrifty lines since it's VERY fuel efficient and green. I sure picked one heck of a time for gas prices to attempt this little endeavor, didn't I?   

I can just picture the All Thrifty States banner taped to the sides of it now.  And the inside-- well-- that's what  I'm REALLY looking forward to! Can you say "Thriftacular party mobile?" 

So if anyone knows of someone over at Cruise America they think might be able to help me get this home on wheels booked, let me know. Otherwise this trip will have to be quick and dirty.  


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Reader Comments (1)

It's like an "All Thrifty States" Road Rules (sans predictable drama)! Awesome! Hooray for the party-mobile!

April 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRob Mattson

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