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Day 6: Thrifting in Utah means more than just "stuff"

We woke up this moring to a beautiful, clear view of the Wasatch front and Utah Lake from our RV loft window. We were both so dead tired last night we slept like rocks despite the fact that we were both FREEZING!  (note to self-- buy a thrift store blanket today.)  It was hard to motivate to get behind that wheel again-- especially after dreaming of driving the RV.  This trip has officially entered my subconcious. 

Fillmore, UT

The first order of business was emptying our black and gray water tanks on the RV. This was the first time either of us had the priviledge of doing this, so it's a good thing HaRVey came with an owner's manual. I'm proud to say we did it LIKE A BOSS! Well, mostly me.

After a quick interview with a business reporter in the RV we were off to Salt Lake City. It's been ten years since I saw SLC in my rear view mirror following my internship at the Tribune. A lot's changed, but a lot is the same, too.  I drove Ed downtown to see the Temple and the square, with a quick bite of lunch overlooking the square at the Nauvoo Cafe on South Temple.  There were several newly married couples doing their portraits out front.  It's always fun watching other photographers stress over wedding photographs instead of me! 

From there we rolled over to meet KC at a local Methodist-run charity shop in downtown SLC that mostly just gives things away. We did a few video portraits, one of a customer who lives next door and comes every day, and one of the manager, KC, who is never far from her dog Bravo. Bravo is specially trained dog that is with KC at all times to alert her when her blood sugar gets too low. And he did just that near the end of our interview.  Dogs are so cool. Makes me miss Quincy!!

Jenna meets KC and her dog Bravo in SLC, Utah from All Thrifty States on Vimeo.

KC told us a really touching story about a teenage girl being treated at a nearby hospital who came in near Christmastime with her family. She took home a Christmas blanket from the store that KC gave especially to her, thinking nothing of it. KC got a call a year later from the familiy, who wanted her to know their daughter had died and the blanket she gave her was the only thing she asked to be buried with.  I could tell she was holding back tears, but this is exactly the kind of human connection our donated goods can make a difference with. As KC said in her video, to us it's just stuff, but to so many people it's so much more than that, espeically those in need.

On into Idaho we went, with one quick stop to get some frozen yogurt and gas in Bountiful.  The landscape is a lot flatter than I'd anticipated in this part of the state, mostly rolling hills with faint mountains in the distance. Long stretches of nothing along the interstate but potato fields and cattle. 

We decided to drive until it got dark, which was exactly 10pm since it was the longest day of the year. We pulled HaRVey into Glenn's Ferry at 10pm, failing to make it to Boise by about 64 miles.   

The town was the site of Three Islands, a treacherous river crossing on the Oregon Trail, and there's a cool museum there with an RV park. But it was full. But just down the road a tick was a winery with an RV park and they were STILL OPEN!  Hello, ice wine!  Nice to see you on this long, long day! There was even live music and food so we sprung for some fish & chips. 



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