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Sidewalk finds & belated news piece on the project!

I will soon be whipping my own cream! HURRAH!

Living in DC is expensive, but the benefit of living in a tiny apartment in a fancy area is the free sidewalk stuff that magically appears whenever interns float in and out of town.

Today while walking the dog I passed yet another box in front of a house marked "Free!"  

Like a fly to honey, I immediately crossed the street to have a look. I found three handmade ceramic mugs, a beautiful large walnut bowl and a handy-dandy handheld mixer set-- that's complete!  

I've been thinking about getting one of these since my awesome but massive KitchenAid has been relegated to storage (dang tiny counter space!).  I'm a patient person, but I seriously lack the patience or muscle to mix things well with just a spatula.  I've become famous for my clumpy pancakes in recent years.

Just as I piled all my goodies into the walnut bowl and turned with Quincy to walk home, the owner came to the door and shouted, "Take it! Take it all!"

Thank you, dear sir.  I won't take it all but your mixer made my day!  Freebies are the best! 

On another note, I have to admit, I haven't sat down and seriously gone through my images from the trip just yet. I've been caught up with catching up on emails, lining up work and gearing up for the photography class I'm teaching this semester at Catholic University.

I'm ok with this though-- I think a little distance from the trip will help me see it in a fresh way. I plan to go through the entire take after Labor Day with freelance photo editor Caroline Couig, a fellow WPOW member currently editing for National Geographic.  

I'm so excited to have someone to sit down with me to make sense of the massive number of images I took during those seven weeks.  It's mind boggling to think how many thousands of images I have to swim through, which is why I'm glad I'll have a pair of unbiased eyes on them. Once I get an edit together I can get down to business applying for grants, contacting publishers, galleries and publications to see about completing the project and potential funding.  I'll also update the web pages with fresher galleries from each state. 

In other All Thrifty States news, here is a news reel from WNCF in Montgomery, Alabama who did a piece on our stop at the Goodwill there.  I have to say-- that was one FUN store!!  That's the store where I found the bowling pin lamp! 

So go forth and thrift my friends!  And if you find yourself cleaning, don't be afraid of putting out a "Free!" box on the sidewalk--what you don't need anymore will easily find a home!

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Reader Comments (1)

I still can't believe I didn't buy Pinny the Bowling Pin Lamp! I can't wait to see where the project goes next.

August 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNichole

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