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Day 1: Wind, wind and more wind. Did I mention wind?

Missing: Two large Goodwill magnets and two large All Thrifty States magnets. Last seen in the RV side view mirrors around 46 miles out of Phoenix. 


Today Jill and I woke up late and took off for Trader Joe's to do our first grocery fill and ran by a Goodwill really quickly to buy plates, pots, bowls and silverware.  We got out of Phoenix around 3pm and hit the road toward L.A.

The dirt devils swirling in the distance was probably a good premonition of the drive ahead.  The wind was so strong and scary that the van's steering wheel was turned 1/4 of the way to the left just to drive straight.  I have a whole new respect for truckers. 

And here's a tip: if you see a wind farm in the distance while driving a large vehicle, that would be a good time to slow down and use both hands on the steering wheel, because you're about to drive through a wind tunnel like you've never seen before.

We made it to LA around 9:45pm. Staying the night in the RV in Torrance and heading out into the thrift stores of southern Cali tomorrow!!


HaRVey makes his debut, and apparently he has some kids.

I had three hours of sleep last night.

The flight was delayed.

I got to the rental location five minutes before closing.

Oh yeah, and my RV comes with two waving little girls on the side that sort of freak me out. 

That's right. HaRVey comes with KIDS! 

Since the day got a little full and I got the RV a little late, our trip to Goodwill to outfit the RV with basics will have to happen tomorrow, along with a grocery run to stock the fridge with Snapple and Twizzlers. Oh wait-- that no candy rule. Snapple and baby carrots?  Hmmmm... I may have to rethink that decision.

I'd like to thank my lovely hosts for the night, the lovely Mr. and Mrs. McNamara, who introduced me to lemon and lavender coctails at the Biltmore with the DeLisles, the "other" Jill and Miss Shipley. Nothing like some delayed planes, bank drama and learning to drive a beast of a vehicle at high speeds to whet your high-priced-foofy-drink appetite.

Thanks guys!  


Trucker blood and other things I'll need for a 9,000 mile journey.

Me and Dad, 2001.Some of my friends have heard me talk about the fact that I embrace my "trucker blood." My dad was a trucker for a long time before I was born and our vacations always felt like a scene from BJ and the Bear, with my brother and I as the sidekick chimps in the backseat.

Our vacations always consisted of long distance drives, no hotel reservations, sleeping in our car at random truck stops and the sound of the CB radio squealing under his country music tapes.

You think I kid? Ask my brother, who once woke up in our Ford Explorer to realize his sweaty sock feet, propped up on the dash as he slept, had frozen to the windshield when he attempted to wake up for a bathroom break. Our vacations were the definition of "no-frills".

I once brushed my teeth after a long-night's drive in a McDonald's bathroom. A woman, I guess thinking I was homeless, slipped a five over to me at the sink as she left. Then there was the time I saw a lady having a baby in the truck stop bathroom in Montana. But that's a longer story.

The truth is I haven't been out west without my dad at the wheel, or without seeing him driving his Explorer behind me in my rear view mirror as I dragged my post-intern belongings back from Salt Lake City in 2000. It's going to be weird to see all the cool sights and mountains of the west without him, mostly because I know how much he would've loved to tag along on this trip. And how much he'd get a kick out of having such a luxurious and portable place to sleep.

Those vacations toughened me up and made this adventure seem more exciting and possible. Come to think of it, I might just have to brush my teeth at a McDonalds a few times for gas money.

His trucker blood taught me well. So I guess it's really Fitting that this trip starts on Father's Day.


The press release goes OUT!  

Check it out!  Goodwill Industries, Inc. just sent out the press release for the project. Check it out here

I guess I have to do this thing now, eh?  With only 48 hours to go, I'm starting to stew about the details and little things that need wrapping up before I go.  Things like finding out what my debit card PIN number is and what to pack.  You know, things that might come in handy along the drive.

Thank goodness I have a ticket on an airline that doesn't charge for baggage, although the more baggage I bring, the more stuff I'll have to trip over in the 19' rolling home of mine.  And thinking about that today made me want to soak up the spaciousness of this 300 square foot apartment of mine--- the sheer luxury of a toilet that isn't in the shower! Ahhhh, the little things.  I predict many hot showers at friends homes instead of in HaRVey's cozy powder room.




All pledge prizes have gone out!

All the pledge prizes have now gone out!  Keep an eye on your mailboxes for some of these awesome items!  

And if you're feeling a bit left out, I still have tote bags, magnets, stickers, signed 10 x 10 prints, postcards and keychains!  If you're interested, please contact me for prices.