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Last map--- I promise..... (I think....)

So this is the newly revised and HOPEFULLY LAST map.  The rental company only had THREE left, and they require me to return it to the same place it's rented from, so I'll start and end in Phoenix.  June 18-July 31, 2011. 

As you might notice, the east coast is rather empty on the map. With the time constraints, I've decided to make a separate New England trip on my own later in the year.  



OMG! OMG! OMG! It's really real now!

I called Cruise America today and reserved the RV!

It feels so official now!  Thank goodness I did, too-- they only had 3 left!  

Looks like I'll be pulling out of Phoenix on the 18th or 19th.  The thing is that I have to return it to the same rental location, so our map will be changing a bit. I'll have to return it on July 30.  

Long and short-term co-pilots wanted.  Email me if you'd like a ride, or if you have a comfy driveway and a hot shower you don't mind me crashing.

Let's DO this thing! 


Reworked RV map part two or trois or tres or whatever....

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So, I've been on the horn with Goodwill some more this week.  I've realized it's going to be cheaper to fly to Phoenix and start the trip from there (inclucing the airfare TO Phoenix from DC) than it would be to rent one on the East Coast.  

This map leaves out states I've already covered and leaves out New England (...sad...) which I figure I can do on my own as a seperate trip sans RV. This route is a whopping 8600 miles-- AT LEAST!  

It's a good thing I have my dad's trucker blood.


Feeling a little more patriotic lately?

If the recent news from Pakistan has you feeling a little more proud to be an American, or you just want to be ready for the next midnight flash mob at the White House, look no further than your nearest thrift store.

Its sad but true that many of America's flags in all shapes and sizes end up here, like these that I found in a small store in Tennessee.

Why go to a big box store and buy a new one that was made in China and had a huge carbon footprint to get into your newly-proud American hands?  There are plenty of great quality flags that you can help save from the landfill!

Make America proud! Go thrifty!


The Road Trip Map: Part Deux


So, the first map was sort of a rough draft. This is my revised version hitting all the cities I'd like to hit, and as long as the money situation holds up, this is what I hope to drive.

View The ATS Trip revised in a larger map