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This is the first annual Second Chance Sunday!

Today was the first day of my self-created thrifty shopping holiday, Second Chance Sunday, as I mentioned here.

And despite the food poisoning that imprisoned me at home for days, drinking Pedialyte and watching Arrested Development reruns, I ventured out in support of my new holiday anyway.

Luckily I had Ed in tow, who found some great gifts with me! I would divulge them here, but as the recipients are likely reading this, I will keep the awesomeness they will soon receive under wraps.

Among today's treasures that WEREN'T gifts were some brand-spanking new vintage Libby holiday-themed tumblers for our dinner table, a "Bah Humbug" glass that will be perfect for Ed's holiday scotch, and a cute Calvin Klein sweater dress that's sure to make a holiday party appearance or two.

If you didn't get a chance to make it out for Second Chance Sunday, don't fret. There are no coupons or codes--no door busters you need to camp out for. Just get in your car and go. I guarantee you'll find something perfect and it will feel better knowing your purchase is making a difference in your community this holiday season.



It's almost Halloween-- WHOOPEEE!

Need a few ideas for your Halloween costume this month?

May I suggest Snooki and son or Honey Boo Boo?  

Click here to check out my latest post over on the Goodwill Industries International blog!  


Fun at the Goodwill Event in Miami-- or as I called it ,Thrift Camp. 

Hello there, thrifty peeps! 

I'm freshly tan and recently home from last week's Thrift Camp-- well not exactly.

I had an amazing time-- minus the campfires and smores--  hanging out with my fellow thrifty friends and bloggers- Evette Rios of The Chew, Lorie Marrero of The Clutter Diet, and Jeeze Julia!'s Julia Berry at the Goodwill© Industries International Summer Conference in Miami Beach! A little sand, a little sun and a whole lot of fun.

Held in the heart of Miami Beach brand worship and just a few blocks from Versace's former beachside mansion, we thrifty folks really held our own-- and then some. In a hotel whose lobby store had $300 t-shirts, there were more unbelievably stylish-yet-thrifted duds being strutted around by conference attendees than a Kardashian spouse could shake his fancy walking stick at. 

Take that, Versace. 

As part of their Goodwill Shop Show, I was asked to come share the story of this project and its purpose with GII employees and other conference attendants. Sangria in hand, I bravely took the stage with my scribbled notes and managed to give what turned out to be a pretty fun little talk with help from our host, Evette.  After Julia showed her awesome DIY jar lamp and our makeover contestants showed off their thrifted outfits, I swigged a few last sips of sangria and faced the audience up close. What I got was a warm wave of support from several people who generously offered places to stay when I come through their areas. It's the thrifty way. 

And of course a trip to Miami would not be complete without a trip to a few GII stores!  I had fun poking around at the boutique in Palm Beach, a bright wonderful store in Pembroke Pines and the Goodwill Superstore in Little Havana that sort of blew my mind.

Scores included a corduroy Armani jacket for Ed (that was even 50% off!), a black Ralph Lauren shirt dress (which I wore on stage) and some nice JCrew dress shirts that will be of great use to wear to work.  

And this fun t-shirt (at right) that gives me some hope.

I think I love you, Florida. 

Thank you, South Florida and Goodwill© for making it an epic week with a big dose of inspiration!  While I can only treasure this tan for a few weeks, I'll treasure my experience there always! 


A long-needed update and a little sad news. 

Hello friends!  Sorry for this place being a little neglected lately. I've had a lot going on these last few months-- stepping away for the hard life of independent photojournalism and starting a new(!) full-time assistant photo editing job with a non-profit here in DC that I love. 

Rest assured the project is 100% still active-- and still has only 10 states to go!  

Unfortunately, I've also been busy on the family front with the passing of my beloved Gramps, who inspired this project. He passed away in Milwaukee on July 27, only a few hours after I spoke with him on the phone. He was sharp as a tack and funny as always up until the end, and was always asking about the project and its progress with every phone call.  

I've heard from many of you that you enjoyed hearing all the stories of our thrifting adventures together and I truly appreciate that you took the time to follow us at all.  Gramps had a fan club far beyond his wildest imagination. 

It's hard to think of finishing the project without having him around to show the final book, but I know he'll be along for the ride in his own way. If anything I'm even more driven now than ever to make it happen.  

So next time you pass a rack of elastic-waisted lounge pants or a funny hat, do what I would do and thank your lucky stars if you have someone equally special in your life that inspires you. I know I do.

I promise more frequent updates now that I'm getting back into a groove.  

Stay cool out there, thrifers!  


xo, Jenna


Let's Talk Live! 

Yesterday I sat down with the ladies of Let's Talk Live to talk about spring shopping at thrift stores and tips to finding the good stuff!  

Here's the video!