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Savannah, where thrifting is arty and historic!

I'm so glad I wore my best thrifted skirt today-- the one with pockets that I got from the Charlotte Goodwill a few days back--since my first visit included an interview!

I got an early start from the hotel and wandered around the cute Savannah downtown a little before my first stop at the Broughton Street Goodwill.  I've always heard how gorgeous Savannah is, and seeing it for myself for the first time, it's easy to see why the streets are tree lined streets and squares are teeming with tourists. It's like walking around in a movie set. 

Once I get to the store, I head straight for my first and favorite section-- the t-shirts. T-shirts say so much about a place-- the religion, the politics, the recreational activities.  What people wear on their chests says a lot about a region. And right on the end I see a nice big peanut t-shirt.  

I want so badly to like boiled peanuts, they're everywhere around here-- even the t-shirt racks.  But this is definitely something you'd only find in the south.  Also, barbecue t-shirts.  



I run into Jeannine, Sylvia and Katie, all SCAD animation students who are bouncing through the aisles looking for costumes for their school's field day tomorrow. They probably have the strangest thrift mission I've heard so far-- they're trying to dress up like their two favorite professors, who they describe as a cowboy and hippie. They must have some pretty fun professors! They need a cowboy hat, boots, a bolo tie, a big belt buckle (they emphasize that it has to be a really big one) and a Hawaiian shirt for the hippie.

They've come to the right place.

I also chat with one woman who is a regular here and runs an online business to sell her finds.  This is so much more common than I ever knew-- people re-selling thrift store finds.  These people are hard core! Forget secondhand-- some stuff is just so good it has to be third, fourth or fifth hand!

I get some lunch recommendations from the staff, who mention the Paula Deen restaurant around the corner. Why not? I'm in Savannah, when else can I pay to eat fried butter?

But driving past a few minutes later and seeing a huge line, I suddenly remember that I hate lines and fried butter. So I settled for a cute cafe where I could sit and enjoy a sandwich with a view and treat myself to a mini whoopie pie.

A raspberry one.

It was heaven.

Lunches are just about the only time in my day that I'm not driving, thrifting, taking photos, returning calls, blogging, webmastering or downloading.  It's one hour that I can sit and be quiet with myself and take in the town that I'm in, even if briefly.

This trip is pretty much a full-time job with lots of overtime, so I try to take time and enjoy a decent quiet meal each day.  I savor it. And I try to make it as much of a local experience as I can.

After lunch I headed to Blessingdales Thrift Store, which has several locations in Savannah. It benefits a non-profit called The Living Vine, which runs a residential maternity home for women in crisis.  This store is downtown and located in a historic building!

I've never been to a historic thrift store before!

The structure was originally built in 1899 as the site of the first African American kindergarten in the state of Georgia.

Unfortunately the building is being sold so the store is in the process of selling off it's contents in preparation to move out. 

I met Emily and Amy who were busy processing donations behind the counter.  The front room is big and bright the way old schoolhouses always are, with a fireplace in the middle. there's also a series of rooms built onto the back that house additional wares for sale.  


The phone rings and the two of them take turns chatting with a former resident of the maternity home to catch up on how she and her baby are doing. I can't help but smile-- I love that there's such a direct connection here between the people they're helping and the store that supports them.  

I hate to leave, but as several locals here were nice enough to warn me-- the meter maids are sticklers. So I headed back to HaRVey2 and set my sights back towards the north. 

Now I'm officially Northbound!  

I'm overnighting tonight in Columbia, South Carolina with a loooooong day of driving tomorrow to Charleston, West Virginia. 

You can be I'll be listening to copious amounts of John Denver in the car tomorrow!

Almost heaven!