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And thrifting in Maryland polishes off the lower 48 states! 

Today I got to wake up in my own bed, make crepes and read the newspaper before my last stop of the trip, just up the road in Crofton, Maryland. 

This trip was extra special because I was able to bring Ed, who was sadly not able to join me on the road this time around. 

This is a Goodwill Super Store-- and it's pretty darn super!

As near as it is to where I live, I wonder why I've never been here before! In typical DC-suburb form, there were lots of suits, American flag stuff, 5K tees and brand name stuff. 

I loved this little Uncle Sam chalice I saw back in knick-knacks-- perfect for a glass of wine on July 4th.

I stumble across a sassy little ashtray that has a secret surprise on the back. 

Now that I know I'm going to the annual DC photo prom in a few weeks, I stroll past the formals section but sadly-- no dice. 

 Ed enjoys looking around a bit for himself while I do my duties one last time. 

I spot Clara and her son Tommy back in the men's suits section, where Tommy is trying on sport jackets for his upcoming confirmation. He's also got his 8th grade dance coming up, so it's a great way to get a few uses out of the same thrifty purchase. 

Tommy tries on a few-- one Nautica, one Eddie Bauer, they both fit great.  

This is Tommy's first time thrifting, though Clara says she came to thrift stores a lot back in her high school days when extra large flannel wearing was all the rage.  "When we walked in I told him he could get whatever he wants," she said.

For some reason, I have a feeling these two will be back to this place. I will too-- especially since Ed has found a few treasures of his own.

We check out and make a few last photos of the trip out front with their awesome signage and make one last lunch trip to celebrate the end of the lower 48 states being completed at a restaurant in nearby Annapolis in HaRVey2.  

Fast forward to getting home and taking a nice long afternoon coma nap, I'm gearing up to go back to work tomorrow and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I only have two states left.

TWO! (And I bet you can guess which ones.)

I'll keep this post short and sweet-- it's been an epically long three weeks.  

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make it possible-- GOODWILL!

Thanks to them for their sponsorship and support! It's been a blast meeting all the friendly staff and seeing all the cool stuff they do!

Also definitely my husband, Ed, who lets me embrace my crazy dreams even if it means three solid weeks of double dog-walking duty. 


I'll still post to this blog, but probably once a week or month.  

Be sure to keep following it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too! 

Over and out, thrifters!