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Charleston-- a town of THRIFTY COUPLES! 

Last night I got a call from my bank's fraud department. They wanted to know what crazy person got a hold of my debit card. Apparently dropping out of your life for a few weeks to spend money on nothing but gas, hotel rooms, Starbucks, and thrift store purchases raises some red flags.

Who knew? Obviously they've never met me or that wouldn't even make them flinch.

I started the day a little later than normal-- this stupid ear infection is getting super annoying. I feel like half of my head us underwater, which messes with my balance and makes for some very interesting looking sideways-walking. I shake my head as much as I can on one side to make my ear pop, but all it does is mess up my hair and make the other hotel guests give me strange looks.

I feel just like this lady-- I can't be sick, I got thriftin' to do. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Being in the South now, I decided it was high time to dress like it, so I put on a pretty dress to try and blend in.  

But these Southern ladies cannot be fooled by me or my amateurish attmepts at cuteness-- they know I'm no belle. Are all women here stylish dressers or am I imagining this? As much as I love Charleson, I'm lucky I don't live there because the pressure to look nice enough each day I stepped out of the house would just be too much. 

My day kicked off with a drive down to the Goodwill on James Island, where I had to circle the parking lot at least four times to find a parking spot. Not even joking there-- this place was packed.  

And what awesomeness was there to greet me? A cool banner out front!  Awwww! So warm and fuzzy! After three days of oncoming headlights and late-night check-in hotels, little things like this keep me going. Thanks so much you guys!

Once inside, I went straight for the red t-shirts, since I'm still on a mad and determined quest to find a Cheerwine t-shirt. Sadly, none. But it didn't take long before I met some interesting folks to stop and chat with.  

I met Rev. Parris, who comes every day looking for houshold items for his parishoners. Today he found an orange jumpsuit for himself to wear when he's out mowing his four acres. 

I also met Cleary, who comes every day as well and was sporting a rather dapper outfit, complete with hat. He shops for everyone in his family when he comes in. Today he found a purse for his daughter. 

And then the store tells me that I have a fan in the store-- Lindsey and her fiance Lorne read my blog and wanted to meet me! She's already got a cart full of goodies, including a gray dress for one of the bridesmaids at their upcoming wedding on May 4! Not only is this gal thrift-smart, she's clothes-swap savvy.  She's started a group in Charleston about two years ago called ReTrend to get people in the community together to swap threads! And we're not talking a house full of chicks looking at purses-- she says she has around 80-100 people show up to swap-- occasionally at a bar-- which requires her to talk her friends into volunteering!  She must have some great friends because that sounds like some serious stuff. Who wouldn't like a new skirt and a beer? If you're in Charleston, you should totally check out her group. Espceially because from the looks of her cart, she finds some seriously cute stuff here!  

She and Lorne even find a piece of furnture to fix up and use as a bar at their upcoming wedding next month!  

How adorable are these two? And how cute is it that her fiance said these exact words-- "A couple that thrifts together, stays together!"

I couldn't agree more, you two! 

After I left Goodwill, I couldn't help but crave a little sunshine and a lunch outside along the water in downtown Charleston, hoping a little vitmain D and fresh air might help kick this stupid ear crud.  I quickly realized you don't have to spend more than two minutes here to want to move to this town. I was able to find a nice sunny spot on a bench along the water to sit and return calls and emails and plot my next shops of the trip. Which definitley beats where I have been doing it from-- behind the wheel on the side of the road. 

On a whim, I called Children's Cancer Society Thrift Store.  I swung by and met Napoleon and Latrell, who were on a roadtrip of their own from Savannah. They'd decided to check out the thrift store on their way to the beach today, and it didn't take long for Latrell to find a sweater she liked.  Napoleon just smiled. He says Latrell never used to step foot in a thrift store, but ever since she saw all the good stuff he was bringing home, she decided to give it a shot too.

They're too cute, too-- it's so cool to meet two thrifting fun couples in the same day in the same city.  

I stopped and filled up (all $13 worth-- I love this Prius!) and grabbed a Cheerwine. I'm not even a soda drinker, but something about being here made me crave one.  I hopped in the car and, feeling the southern slow vibe, decided to take the backroads to Savannah. I needed a change of scenery from the highways.

What I didn't think about was that backroads also mean fewer potties. One thing about the RV-- it chugged gas like a frat boy, but I had a pottie with me at all times.  I sort of miss that this trip.

I kept thinking there would be a place around each corner, but there wasn't much.  This trip has already made me a bit of a gas station bathroom conneseur, not that I want to be one.  I can tell which ones are going to be cringeworthy and which ones will be decent, but I was seeing a whole lot of nothin' out on these roads.  Finally I saw one, only to go in with my eyes watering and see an "out of order" sign on the door.  I ran back to the car, cursing myself for not bringing my Go-Girl. My dad would be disappointed in my lack of preparedness. 

Finally I found a gas station with a decent potty and I was so overjoyed that I bought a Krispy Kreme to celebrate. Ahhh, Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme-- it's the southern dinner of champions.

So tonight I'm staying in Savannah, where I will be visiting a few stores tomorrow morning, before driving back toward Columbia, SC and on into West Virginia.